How to Repair Scratches on Your Used Vehicle in Just a Few Easy Steps

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When you buy a used vehicle from Joe’s Auto Sales, you can rest assured that the vehicle looks great! We know that you will be careful and try to keep your vehicle looking as great as the day you bought it from us. But life happens and your vehicle might get scratched up eventually—either from your new teenage driver who was not paying attention, or possibly from someone who decided to be mean with their key. Luckily, repairing scratches on your used vehicle can be done in just a few easy steps!

link to blog post about what to look for on a used vehicleHow to Repair Clear Coat Scratches

If you happen to notice that the scratches on your car are thin, white, and shallow, you’re in luck! These scratches have only penetrated your vehicle’s clear coat and not the actual paint, which makes them a snap to fix! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Wash your vehicle and let it dry completely.
  2. If necessary, cover any trims close to the scratch with tape.
  3. Dab a small amount of polishing compound (available at most auto parts stores) on the included pad or a microfiber cloth.
  4. Polish the scratch area carefully using slow strokes.
  5. Buff the polished area with a clean cloth.
  6. If needed, repeat the polishing until the scratch is completely gone.

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How to Repair Base Coat Scratches

Unfortunately, the paint on your vehicle has been damaged with this type of scratch. However, it is still repairable when you follow these instructions:

  1. As you would when repairing a clear coat scratch, wash and dry your vehicle, and cover any trims if needed.
  2. Carefully add a coat of primer and try to keep it on the scratch.
  3. Add a coat of paint and let it dry overnight.
  4. Slowly and carefully sand down the excess paint using a spray bottle with water, wet sandpaper, and a sponge.
  5. Rinse away any dust and sand debris.
  6. Repeat the paint and wet-sand process as necessary until the scratch is gone.
  7. After washing your vehicle once more, use some polishing compound to bring back the shine.
  8. Buff as needed.

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