Find Discontinued Vehicles at Joe’s Auto Sales!

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Find Discontinued Vehicles at Joe’s Auto Sales!

Is there a certain vehicle that you always dreamed of owning, only to discover that when you were ready to buy it, that vehicle was discontinued? It can be very heartbreaking! Luckily, Joe’s Auto Sales in Indianapolis regularly has discontinued vehicle models and brands on its sales lot!

Discontinued Chevy HHR

Why are Vehicles Discontinued?

While some models are lucky to enjoy a long manufacturing life—like the fuel efficient Toyota Corolla, which has been around for 50 years!—others only last a couple of years or a decade before leaving the assembly line for good. One of the prime reasons for discontinuing a vehicle is that it was not initially a hot seller, like the Chevrolet HHR. This station wagon possesses a retro styling (like the now-discontinued Chrysler PT Cruiser that we also frequently have in our inventory) that will suit many drivers who appreciate high quality and uniqueness.

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JAS-Buick LeSabre_d

Original Vehicles That Evolved

Another reason that a model is discontinued is that it evolved into a different product. This is what happened to the Chevrolet Trailblazer, which evolved into the current Equinox and Traverse models. While new products can be nice, sometimes we want the original! The Chevrolet Trailblazer is an incredibly awesome SUV, and we are able to frequently offer it on our sales lot! Another model we usually have in our inventory that experienced a discontinuation followed by an evolution is the Buick LeSabre, which went on to become the Buick Lucerne, and then the Buick LaCrosse. Check our inventory for the latest selection of these great vehicles!

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Discontinued Pontiac Firebird at Joe's Auto Sales

Vehicles and Brands were Discontinued Due to New Demands and the Economic Downturn

One of the most unfortunate events that occurred during the economic downturn was that several models were discontinued in order to help their respective brands survive. The midsize pickup truck model segment was hit especially hard, and production of the Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota ceased. Unfortunately, some brands also did not survive the recession, including Mercury, Saturn, and Pontiac. Here at Joe’s Auto Sales, we are frequently able to offer lots of these midsize trucks and brands that you love at an extremely high quality and an affordable price!

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Check Out Joe’s Auto Sales in Indianapolis for Your Favorite Discontinued Models and Brands!

If you are on the hunt for an awesome vehicle that has been discontinued, check out the Joe’s Auto Sales inventory or give us a call at 317.243.2269 to let us know what you are looking for! You are also welcome to stop by our sales lot at 3250 West Washington Street to see what we have available!