Tire Service Indianapolis IN

Tire Service Indianapolis IN

As the saying goes, there is a lot riding on your tires. Proper tire maintenance can improve the safety of your car and the efficiency of your car. Did you know that tires that are not properly inflated cause your car to use more gas? Also, if the wear-and-tear on your tires isn't even, you are liable to wear them out faster. This may also result in uneven wear of tires. This is very dangerous as they are more prone to having a flat. 

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At Joe's Auto Sales we offer a large array of tire services. We can do everything from patching them to ordering a new set. In terms of regular tire maintenance, we also offer tire rotation and alignment. It is important to have your tires rotated on a regular basis. This keeps them from over-wear in a certain spot. By changing up their location on the car, the wear pattern is also changed up. This will allow you to have your tires longer. It is also a good idea to look into tire alignment. You have noticed in the late spring or fall that your vehicle may have a slight pull to the left or the right. This is fairly common as there are things out there that can throw off the alignment of your car. The biggest culprit is potholes. 

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. We want to work with you to maintain a safe vehicle. So whether it is an annual wheel alignment or ordering a new set, please know that we are here for you. Just call us at (317) 243 3369.  Why don't you let our professional automotive technician take a look at your tires and determine what the issues are? Sometimes the tires can just be the symptom of a larger issue with your vehicle. We know you have a lot riding on your tires, and we want to make sure you are safe. Please come see us, we are here to help!

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