Your Used Vehicle Can Be Even More Fun with Infotainment!

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology, Used Vehicles on Saturday, September 24th, 2016 at 10:23 pm
Used vehicles with infotainment systems

Everyone is always looking for a way to make their ride more fun, no matter if it is just cruising around Indianapolis or going on a cross-country trip! Many drivers feel that in order to have a fun vehicle, they have to purchase a brand new brand. That is not true! Many of the used vehicles at Joe’s Auto Sales—especially the late year models—are available with fun infotainment systems at awesome prices!

Listen to Your Favorite Audio!

With an available infotainment system in a used vehicle, you and your crew can enjoy your favorite audio options, like music or audiobooks! This can be done via AM/FM radio, CD players, USB jacks to hook up your iPod, or BlueTooth that can wirelessly obtain your playlists stored on your compatible phone!

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Navigation in a used vehicle infotainment systemNavigate with Ease!

One of the best things about available infotainment systems is that navigation is frequently included! With available navigation, you will never have to worry about remembering to pack a separate GPS device! You will also be able to safely pay attention to the road without relying on your phone for directions! The available navigation systems vocally give you directions so you can easily find your destination—no matter if it is a restaurant in Indianapolis or an attraction in another state!

Safely Communicate!

Today, it is more important than ever to keep in contact with your family to let them know what time you will be home or to find out if they need anything from the store. Of course, using your phone while you are driving is a huge no-no! Luckily, many of the available infotainment systems offer hands-free calling and texting with the help of voice commands, buttons on the steering wheel, or an easy-tap touchscreen embedded in the dash!

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Stop By Joe’s Auto Sales to Find Your Next Vehicle!

If you are looking for a fun and affordable ride, stop by Joe’s Auto Sales at 3250 W Washington Street in Indianapolis and check out our inventory of high-quality used vehicles—many of which are outfitted with an infotainment system! If you have any questions or are looking for something in particular, please feel free to call us at 317.243.2269!