Compared to a Private Seller, a Trustworthy Used Car Dealer Like Joe’s May Be Your Best Option for Finding a Reliable Ride

By Product Expert | Posted in Stories of Interest on Monday, February 29th, 2016 at 11:05 pm
Should You Buy a Used Car From a Dealer or Private Seller?

Should You Buy a Used Car From a Dealer or Private Seller?

Are you shopping around for a used car? Then you’ve probably sifted through both used car dealership webpages and Craigslist ads to find that perfect model. But when it comes down to signing on the dotted line, should you buy a used car from a dealer or a private seller?

Though you may find a good car through a private seller, buying a vehicle this way may not only be a hassle, but may also come with many downsides. For example, it often comes without the peace of mind that the vehicle has been well maintained. If something is wrong with the vehicle, the private seller is likely to be unwilling to fix the problem for you once the sale is complete. In addition, buying from a private seller won’t usually allow for the financing flexibility that you can receive from a buy here pay here dealer like Joe’s Auto Sales.

Advantages of Buying from a Used Car Dealership

buying a used car from a dealer advantages and benefitsSo, how does buying from a trusted used car dealer like Joe’s compare? Here are some of the many advantages you’ll experience when choosing to purchase your next vehicle at Joe’s Auto Sales rather than a private party.

  • Peace of mind: You can know any vehicle you choose has endured our thorough 150-point inspection to ensure it is in peak condition. Plus, since we have a service department here at the dealership, you can have any repairs or maintenance needs handled by the same people you bought the vehicle from.
  • Warranty: To further back up our inspection process, every vehicle sold at Joe’s Auto Sales includes a warranty. We stand by our work and are dedicated to keeping your vehicle in top condition even after the purchase.
  • Hassle free: Buying through a private seller can require you to handle paperwork that can make things a hassle. Enjoy a hassle-free buying experience at Joe’s.
  • Extensive selection: We work to keep a diverse model selection, so that no matter what your needs, Joe’s Auto Sales can get you your ideal pre-owned model.
  • Trade in: Private sellers won’t be willing to accept your current vehicle as a trade-in for the model they’re selling, but a used car dealership will be.
  • Safety: Meeting a stranger from online can be a bit nerve-wracking and uncomfortable, but it can be avoided by working with trustworthy, background-checked automotive professionals at Joe’s Auto Sales.
  • Simple financing: Since Joe’s Auto Sales is a buy here pay here dealership, we are able to approve anyone, no matter what your credit history looks like. We also allow you to pay for the vehicle in affordable monthly payments. The same can’t be said for private sellers who want the full amount paid up front or if you need to work with a lender for an auto loan.

Learn more about the benefits of a buy here pay here dealer

When you put everything together, buying from a buy here pay here used car dealer like Joe’s Auto Sales is the more convenient, affordable and reliable option for many drivers. Plus, when buy a used car from a dealer you trust, rather than a private seller, you can have the peace of mind you need to fully enjoy your newly purchased vehicle.

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