Flex Fuel Vehicles Have the Benefit of Improving Your Environmental Impact

By Product Expert | Posted in Stories of Interest on Monday, February 29th, 2016 at 11:01 pm
Advantages of Flex Fuel Vehicles

Advantages of Flex Fuel Vehicles

Though electric cars and hybrids are becoming increasingly popular, they still remain outside the price range of many drivers. In the case of electric cars, they’re also still impractical due to short range. For everyone else who wants to play their part for the planet and use less oil, there is always the advantages of flex fuel vehicles, especially when buying a used model with affordable payments.

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What is a flex fuel vehicle?

gas can filled with e85 gasolineFrom a driver’s perspective, flex fuel vehicles aren’t that much different from any ordinary vehicle. They don’t require one special or specific type of fuel like a diesel, and they are generally affordable both as new or pre-owned models.

Instead, flex fuel vehicles are, well, flexible. They are capable of running on gasoline containing various amounts of ethanol, which is measured by the designation “E” followed by a number for the percentage of ethanol in the fuel mixture. This means flex fuel vehicles can operate just as well on regular unleaded gasoline (E10) as they do on fuel with much more ethanol, such as E85, which contains less gasoline made from oil and is instead made up of 85 percent ethanol made from corn or other plants.

Benefits of Driving Flex Fuel Vehicles

effects of traffic jam using gasoline and flex fuel vehiclesFlex fuel vehicles may not be a priority for every driver, but for those who want the option to use a variety of fuels and reduce their impact on the environment, buying such a used vehicle can be a smart and affordable decision. Some of the benefits include:

  • Cleaner emissions when running on high-ethanol fuel
  • Decreased dependence on oil and oil prices
  • Ability to buy new or used without having to afford a premium price
  • The potential to save you money when gas prices are higher

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Having the advantages of flex fuel vehicles may not be at the top of every driver’s list, but being able to have an affordable environmentally-friendly vehicle can be a big deal to others. For any of your other automotive needs, be sure to contact us here at Joe’s Auto Sales or click the link above to read more insights from our blog.