These 6 Maintenance Tips Can Get Your Car in Peak Condition for Spring

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Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Car

Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Car

With spring coming into bloom, drivers will want to make sure their vehicles are prepared for the warmer months. Winter can take a toll on your car, which is why we’ve put together a spring maintenance checklist for your car, helping you keep it clean and in optimal condition no matter what season it is.

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6 Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

how to inspect your tires for spring car maintenanceThe first thing you’ll want to do now that winter is on its way out is to take care of any needed maintenance. The following list shouldn’t replace any regular maintenance needs, like oil changes or fluid fill-ups, but it is a great place to start caring for your vehicle after winter.

  • Inspect your tires: In addition to getting regular tire rotations, you’ll also want to inspect your tires’ tread depth and PSI. While harsh roadway conditions can do damage to your tires during the winter months, the fluctuating temperatures that come with early spring also mean your tire pressure could fluctuate, increasing the need to regularly check the PSI.
  • Replace windshield wipers: There’s no doubt that this is a must after the icy winter months. Hard ice and snow can damage your wiper blades, decreasing their effectiveness. To ensure you are able to see clearly when the rains come, check their condition and replace if necessary.
  • Inspect the brakes: Though snow and road salt can do damage to any part of your vehicle, one area you will want to make sure to inspect for corrosion are the brakes. Usually it is best to let a professional technician handle this so that a thorough inspection or cleaning can take place.
  • Test your air conditioning: In the winter, most drivers go so long without using the air conditioning that they forget to make sure it works before warm weather arrives. To make sure you’re not stuck in the heat, be sure to test this out ahead of time and fix it if needed.
  • Inspect hoses and belts: Most drivers won’t think about this, but extreme shifts in temperatures isn’t great for the rubber on hoses and belts in your car. Look for any cracking or wear, or have an automotive professional take a look.
  • Deep clean: Lastly, put your car through a deep clean. It can be a lot of work to clean off the salt and dirt that winter left behind, but it’s worth it. In addition to washing the exterior body and the interior carpet, be sure to adequately clean the undercarriage, wheels, rocker panels and door jambs.

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There are plenty of other ways you can prepare your car for spring, but this spring maintenance checklist for your car should be a great start for preparing for the warmer months. You can share your own suggestions for automotive spring cleaning and maintenance in the comments below or contact us at Joe’s Auto Sales to learn more.

7 Responses to “These 6 Maintenance Tips Can Get Your Car in Peak Condition for Spring”

  1. Patricia Lee says:

    After a long winter, one is likely to give up his hibernating ways for some adventure and sunshine. But the question is that, is he confident that his car is in good enough shape to get him the destination safely and efficiently? It is mainly due to winter’s cold condition and icy temperature have been hard on the car. Hence, it is more likely the car showing some signs of wear and tear. Thus, to my view, spring is the perfect time to bring the car in for a full inspection in order to identify any minor problems, before they become major ones. So, like all other seasons, everyone should show some care to their car also during the spring.

  2. Allen Richard says:

    After owning a car it is important to do its maintenance to keep it running in all weather. Regular maintenance of your car leads to enhance its performance and assist the passengers on the way of their travel. So before driving your car you must be sure about safeness of you as well as the passengers also. Keeping tire pressure in its optimum level and doing rotation of its provides smooth running. Brakes system must posses its best condition to working properly. To maintain the inside temperature of the car and provide coolness to the passengers air conditioner must possess its good functionality.

  3. Jade young says:

    I like your suggestion to inspect the condition of timing belt and hoses. Such components are very important parts of the vehicle. However, some people underestimates the importance of maintenance of such components. Components like timing belt, hoses, wiper blades are affected by the environmental temperature. Extreme temperature of the summer and winter could affects the condition of such components. So, the condition of such components needs to be evaluated and if damaged, then it should be replaced with suitable alternatives.

  4. Robert Thomas says:

    When it comes to spring cleaning, don’t forget your car. Following maintenance check list will helpful to avoid costly repairs and summer breakdowns. First of all check your battery. Winter is tough on all your starting components like the starter and alternator. The battery works harder and can get drained. Check your brakes winter condition and salt on the roads can leads to corrosion or rust in to your brake parts. Nothing is important to your safety than your brakes so checked it as soon as possible. Apart from that replace your windshield, test your air conditioning, inspect hoses and belts and clean your car properly.

  5. I loved your tip to not only get regular tire rotations, but also to inspect the tires’ tread depth and PSI. It must be really important to have sufficient tread on the tires, especially during winter months when the weather can be particularly bad. I wonder what the ideal tire tread is to maintain safety.

  6. Carla Houston says:

    After owning a car it is important to do it’s maintenance to keep it running in all weather. Regular maintenance of our car leads to increase it’s performance. Here is a list spring maintenance tips for our car. In the spring we should check the tire pressure & tire tread depth. Tires must be inflated properly. We have to check the condition of the windshield wipers & if needed they should be replaced with new ones. Inspection of brakes, hoses and timing belts must be performed during this period.

  7. Olen Bush says:

    When the white time dwindles and temperature rises, you need to follow a different game plan when executing the car maintenance endeavors. What do you think? If you don’t follow a unique procedure, your vehicle won’t run. Nope, this might not happen. But the fact is, the speed machine can’t deliver a top-level performance as it used to do. For that reason, you should provide an effective spring care to your old faithful so that the performance of the roadster will not be ameliorated, and give the comfort to the passengers throughout the ride. You can do the maintenance commotions on your own. But for the effective execution of the quests, you have to consult a car engineer.

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