Which Fluid is My Used Car Leaking?

By Product Expert | Posted in Maintenance, Tips and Tricks on Friday, December 30th, 2016 at 2:58 pm
Car Leak Color Guide

Have you been noticing wet spots on the garage floor or in parking lots under your car? Those wet spots should not be ignored! They signify that your car is leaking somewhere, and it can affect your used car’s overall health if not taken care of. So what fluid is your used car leaking? We have put together a guide to help you diagnose the problem so you can get it fixed.

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Car Leak Color Guide

Black circle for oil fluid leak

Engine Oil Leaks

You can usually tell that your vehicle is leaking oil when you find a light brown, black, or rainbowy (like in our above feature photo) fluid near the front end of your vehicle. Have this fixed ASAP!

Reddish brown circle for transmission fluid leaks

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid leaks will usually be reddish brown in color with a thin viscosity (new fluid) or brown with a thicker viscosity (old fluid). These leaks will typically be found near your car’s middle section.

Reddish brown circle for power steering fluid leaks

Power Steering Fluid Leaks

Like transmission fluid, power steering fluid will range between light reddish brown to brown on the color spectrum. However, the viscosity will be thin and the leak will be located closer to the front end of your vehicle.

Light brown circle for brake fluid leaks

Brake Fluid Leaks

You can usually diagnosis a brake fluid leak if the liquid is clear to light brown and has a slick texture. If you suspect that you have a brake fluid leak, call for a tow truck immediately and don’t drive the vehicle until the leak is fixed!

Light green circle for coolant fluid leaks

Coolant Leaks

Your car is leaking coolant if you notice a green, pink, or yellow liquid that is slimy. Like other leaks, get this one fixed ASAP so your engine can perform at the right temperature without being damaged.

Light gray circle for summertime vehicle condensation


Is it summertime in Indianapolis and you were using your air conditioner in your car? Do you notice a clear, water-like spot under your car? You have nothing to worry about! That is just water in the form of condensation!

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10 Responses to “Which Fluid is My Used Car Leaking?”

  1. Carlie says:

    Holy shizint, this is so cool thank you.

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  3. Edward Green says:

    Such a lovely and useful info you have illustrated here. Because basically what happens that most of us don’t recognize the type of leak, and they ignore it. But the truth is, some leaks are there ignoring which makes the ride unsafe. So, it is very crucial for us to identify the type of leak and color is the one prominent thing in this case which will help us to know what is actually leaking from our vehicle. Hence, we should go through the above blog, by which we will get some idea about the colors of different leaks and accordingly we can take necessary steps to seal it. Yes, any car leak is an alarming experience, and if we want to reduce its occurrence, then we should take proper care of our car on a regular basis through expert supervision.

  4. Tyler Hansen says:

    Since different fluids contribute to the smooth operation of the automobile, thus without understanding the fluid dynamics, it might be impossible to tell what is actually dripping from the vehicle. When your vehicle is leaking something, it tells us about its malfunction simply by leaving portentous spots on the ground. Sometimes, due to the lack of knowledge, you turn a blind eye to the indication. So, you should go through your owner’s manual where you can collect the maximum information about the properties of the fluid including- texture, smell, color etc, that will in turn help you to solve the puzzle present under the hood. Listen- any fluid leak may not be a serious concern at the initial stage, but leaving them unnoticed can lead to costly repairs in future. So, you should hire a certified car technician and perform all the car maintenance checks- https://www.autobahnautomotive.com/services/ to avoid unwanted breakdowns and save money on car repairs.

  5. Colin Riley says:

    There are mainly six fluids and you can recognize that with different color. By seeing this color you can identify the problem and for recovery you should go for a auto repair shop and there the professional mechanic can identify the problem easily. If you have an Audi car and you want to best repair service then you can refer this: http://foreignautomotive.ca/audi-repair/

  6. Collins Walker says:

    A car leaks is a normal thing and it happens in all of ours life. You walk into the garage to get into your car and see a puddle stain sitting under it. Just like human body filled with fluids that allow it to function properly, also the car contains the various kind of liquids pumping through it that allow it to run in optimum condition. Color of fluids can suggest you that where the leak occur from your car. Coolant usually has a greenish color. Sometimes it’s bright orange or pink. But usually it is green. It has a bit of a sticky, viscous feel to it. Antifreeze is one of the most common leaks on cars. It’s not a serious, but you should get it fixed as soon as possible. Coolant regulates the temperature in your engine. A coolant leak can lead to your engine overheating and your car dying on the side of the road. Left unchecked, your car can be dangerous.

  7. Timely article! Our Master Technician informed us that while a car can run on low fluids, if these levels get too low or are depleted, your car could suffer a lot of damage. Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent these leaks. Remember, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure any day and will keep your extended car warranty in force. http://southstreetcollision.com

  8. Amy Wilson says:

    Leakage of the lubricant or coolant from the vehicle could have a disastrous outcome. A car needs an adequate amount of lubricant to run smoothly without any major mechanical deformities. Besides, coolant level also needs to be measured. Any signs which indicate that the lubricant level is reducing then it should not be ignored. The pinhole responsible for the leakage of the lubricant or coolant should not be ignored. To know more about transmission fluid leakage, visit https://www.grouponemotorwerks.com/tips-to-repair-mercedes-transmission-leaks-from-the-best-automobile-repair-shop-in-tucson/

  9. great. this color guide may help a lot to repair leak color of any car

  10. Dan Collins says:

    Thank you so much for the tips. I would no longer keep on guessing what’s happening to my car when I can find these leak colors.

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