Top 5 Must Haves for your Car this Winter

By Product Expert | Posted in Safety, Service on Friday, January 20th, 2017 at 4:55 pm
5 Must-Have Car Emergency Supplies

5 Must-Have Car Emergency Supplies

No one expects to have a breakdown, just like no one expects to get a bee sting or scraped knee, but things happen. Just because you can’t anticipate unexpected events, doesn’t mean that you can’t be prepared for them. Here is a quick guide to the top 5 emergency supplies you should have in your car this winter. Trust us, these are must-haves and won’t take up a lot of room.


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5 Emergency must haves

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Warm Clothes and Sensible Shoes

Even though it’s Winter, you may not be warmly dressed each time you get in your car. You may be headed out to do errands or even dressed up for a formal occassion. Should your car break down, you may need to stay warm inside it. Or, maybe you will have to walk somewhere and your shoes were perfect for a cocktail party they may not be good for the walk to the closest gas station.

Hiking Boots

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Food and Water

Always keep a few bottles of fresh water and some non-perishable food in your car.Sports energy bars can work well for this. The key is not to touch this food or water unless it is an emergency.

Water Bottle

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Backpack, cell phone, and full tank of gas

A backpack is a great place to store your supplies. It is also good to have if you need to walk somewhere. We all know we need gas and a cell phone, but the key is to make sure you have a full tank of gas when head out, and a fully charged phone.


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Should you break down at night or have to be in your vehicle through the night, visibility is very important. We would recommend a flashing LED light and, in case you need to walk somewhere, a safety vest.

Safety Vest Isolated

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Pen and Paper

It may seem a little old school, but there are two big reasons for a pen and paper. The first that if you need to leave the car you can leave a note behind explaining where you went and who was with you. If you know that help is on the way, you can while away the time writing shopping lists or doodling.

Pen & Paper

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5 Responses to “Top 5 Must Haves for your Car this Winter”

  1. Grace King says:

    Yes, it is true that any inconvenience or breakdown always occurs when it is not appropriate. That is why a car must have an emergency supply kit placed in the trunk and should be checked at least twice a year. If we find any sort of expired parts, then we should replace it with the updated one as soon as possible. You have shared here a list of emergency supplies, which is simply superb. Well, I think apart from above urgent supplies, one should keep a properly inflated spare tire, wheel, jumper cables, fire extinguisher etc, in his emergency tool box.

  2. Wyatt green says:

    Emergency kit is really essential to deal with adverse situations. And this article provides very useful information regarding such kits. A jumper cable should also added to the emergency kit list. Because, during winter season battery get affected by the extreme colder temperature and sometime could not provide enough electric charge for the operation of the vehicle. Jumper cable could be very helpful during such situations.

  3. Clara Plunkett says:

    A quick inspection of different components of the vehicle prior to leaving for a destination during the winter season is really necessary. By doing so, one could identify weaker components which couldn’t stand against the extreme temperature of the winter. Driving a vehicle with damaged components could lead to an accident. So, damaged components should be replaced with suitable substitutes to ensure the smoother performance of the vehicle.

  4. Deidra Monika says:

    No one expects a car to breakdown in the middle of the road, but things happen. We can’t anticipate the unexpected events to occur, but should be well prepared for those. The author has shared some emergency supplies that we must have in our car during winter. Those are-warm clothes and sensible shoes, blankets, hats, gloves, ice scraper, folding snow shovel, first aid kit etc. Apart from this, we should perform a quick inspection of the vehicle by employing a certified technician prior to leaving for a destination during winter.

  5. Shemekia Bailey says:

    Unexpected events can occur at any time on the road. So we should be well prepared before leaving for a road trip during winter. We must carry with us some warm clothes and sensible shoes if we are not warmly dressed at the time of getting into the car. Flashlight and jumper cables must be carried. All these items must be kept in a backpack with a cell phone and it’s charger. Apart from this, the car must be serviced properly at regular intervals to avoid breakdown in the middle of the road. For this, you may contact:

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