Don’t Get Blown Away! Here are Some Safety Tips for When You Encounter a Tornado While Driving!

By Product Expert | Posted in Safety, Tips and Tricks on Friday, July 1st, 2016 at 2:11 pm
Safety tips encounter tornado driving

Now that summer is in full swing, we are able to enjoy the outdoors in a variety of great vehicles, including Jeep Wranglers! However, Indiana lies on the outskirts of the traditionally depicted Tornado Alley and we are used to seeing the skies turn violent in a matter of minutes. If you are at home, you can simply seek shelter in your basement, but what happens if you encounter a tornado while driving? Here are some tips to keep you safe on the road when summer weather goes from sunny to stormy!

Be Aware of the Weather Forecast

We know that there are always places to go no matter the weather, but if the skies are quickly turning ominous, check the latest weather forecast on the radio, television, web, or your phone. If there is a large system making its way toward your location and destination, hold off on going anywhere and seek appropriate shelter. It is better to be late for an event than to risk encountering a tornado, heavy rain, hail, or flying debris while in your vehicle.

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Finding Shelter From a Tornado While Driving Around Indianapolis

If you are enjoying the day cruising around downtown Indianapolis and a tornado warning is issued, we recommend finding immediate shelter in one of the many local businesses (such as a bank, restaurant, or gas station) after parking your vehicle in a legal spot.

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twister on the highwayKeeping Yourself Safe on the Highway

When you are out on the highway, there is not a whole lot you can do if there is no shelter like a truck stop available. You should absolutely continue listening in for the most up-to-date weather forecasts. Pull off to the side of the highway (when it is safe to do so) if you have no visibility or are extremely uncomfortable with continuing on. If you happen to spot a tornado, never try to outrun it! Try to figure out its direction and make your decisions based on that, although tornadoes are very unpredictable and have been known to completely change its course in the blink of an eye. If worst comes to worst, exit your pulled-over vehicle and seek shelter in a ditch or culvert far away from it. Get down and cover your neck and head. Never seek shelter under an overpass.

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Contact Joe’s Auto Sales with Questions Regarding Weather and Road Safety

If you have any additional questions regarding tornado safety while on the road, please feel free to contact Joe’s Auto Sales at 317.243.2269. And if you recently lost your current vehicle due to storm damage, come to Joe’s Auto Sales at 3250 West Washington Street, Indianapolis and check out our inventory to find a different high-quality vehicle that will work for you!