How Often to Check Your Oil So Your Used Car Stays in Top Shape

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How Often Should You Check Your Oil

One thing that Joe’s Auto Sales really prides itself is the selection of top quality used vehicles on our sales lot. Each model is thoroughly inspected before the “For Sale” sticker is added to the window. It also helps when the previous owners took extremely good care of the vehicle before turning it over to us. In order to keep your pre-owned vehicle running as smoothly as the day you bought it from us, we advise that you perform regular maintenance—such as checking your oil often—so that it remains in tip-top shape.

girl checking the oil in her carHow Often Should You Check Your Oil?

Ideally, you should check the oil in your vehicle about once a month. Depending on how much you drive, you might be able to get away with going 2 months. It always seems like the most difficult part of checking your oil is actually remembering to do it. We recommend picking a certain day, such as the 21st of each month or third Saturday, and mark it on a calendar or set a reminder in your phone. Once you have completed the task, write it down in a notebook, along with any observations, so you can keep track and verify if need be.

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What Should I Be Looking for When I Check My Oil?

Checking your oil is a very easy task that simply involves pulling out the oil dipstick and seeing if the oil level is closer to the “full” or “low” end. You then add oil as needed. In addition to checking the level, observe the coloring of the oil. If it is dark brown or black (the color of fresh oil will be amber), you are in need of an oil change. Oil changes are typically performed every 3 months or every 3000 miles.

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Come to Joe’s Auto Sales for Maintenance Help

If you purchased your inspected and top-quality used vehicle from Joe’s Auto Sales and need a little help with maintenance, feel free to contact our service department at 317-243-2269! Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help keep your vehicle healthy so you can use and enjoy it for a long time!

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  1. Janet Chua says:

    We should check the oil in our vehicle once in a month. Depending upon the frequency of driving, the vehicle may require to check the oil level once in every two months. Checking the level of oil is so easy. It involves pulling the oil dipstick and see if the oil level is full or low. We should also notice the color of the oil. If it is dark brown or black in color it indicates the oil is contaminated and an oil change is needed. If you want to change the engine oil of your Volvo, then you may refer to:

  2. Abby cruz says:

    I agree that engine oil plays crucial role in the performance of the vehicle. Used vehicle needs maintenance more frequently as compared to new one. Engine oil reduces friction among adjacent components of the engine and ensure smoother performance. However, overfilling of engine oil cause foaming which has significant impact on the performance of the engine. So, one should have enough knowledge regarding the oil change or should ask professionals to do so.

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