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Volkswagen is one of the most famous brands in the automotive industry. Its name translates to “people’s car,” and with good reason! Vehicles from this brand are high-quality and feature renowned German engineering standards! While Volkswagen is one of the more budget-friendly European brands, they can still be quite pricey when brand new. Joe’s Auto Sales—located in Indianapolis, IN—offers used Volkswagen vehicles at excellent prices while retaining that high quality!

We want our customers to drive away happy in a safe and reliable vehicle, so each Volkswagen that reaches our lot is thoroughly inspected before the “for sale” sticker is added.

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Performance Technology Style
Various Engine Sizes Infotainment Systems Available Beetle (Hard-Top or Convertible)
German Engineering Cruise Control Sedans
Excellent Fuel Efficiency Innovative Safety Features Hatchbacks
Light to Medium Towing for Crossover Models USB Outlets Available Crossovers

Used Volkswagen Models Available Near Indianapolis

Volkswagen has quite a few renowned models in its lineup, but none are as famous as the Beetle. This model has been around since the 1930s, and it has never lost its classic round shape. Many models—especially older ones—have their engine in the rear of the vehicle, rather than the front. The Volkswagen Beetle is perfect for anyone looking for something that is high-quality, unique, and quirky.

Some of the other Volkswagen models that are quite popular are the sedans, like the Jetta and Passat. While practical—especially when it comes to fuel economy—Volkswagen sedans are quite stylish with their sleek exteriors. Depending on the year, these models may also be available in hatchback format.

Speaking of hatchbacks, the Volkswagen Golf is one of the most loved models, thanks to its stylish and sporty exterior! Its ample space for cargo makes the Golf perfect for families who are active with after-school activities.

For even more space (and more power) Volkswagen offers a couple of crossover models: the Tiguan and Touareg. These models also offer lots of space for passengers and cargo, and may be outfitted with all-wheel drive to offer better handling on snow-covered roads.

If you are interested in a used Volkswagen vehicle, please check our inventory or give us a call at 317-243-2269 if you are on the hunt for something in particular!

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