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Indianapolis has a special location in the Great Lakes region, so we get to experience cold and snowy winters. All that snow and ice can make winter driving challenging—not to mention scary! Unlike two centuries ago when winter meant staying home in the cabin for the whole season, we need to continue traveling to get to jobs, school, and other places around Indianapolis. One vehicle brand that has a highly-praised reputation for handling the snow is Subaru!

Named (in Japanese form) after the M45 Pleiades star cluster, Subaru is a star on the road, to say the very least! Most models are available with all-wheel drive, so you will have the extra power and traction needed to handle snow and ice-covered roads!

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Performance Technology Style
Powerful Engines CD Players Available Sedans
Boxer Engine Layout Infotainment Available Station Wagons
Turbo Available Start/Stop Button Available Crossovers
All-Wheel Drive Available CAN Technology Available Utility Racks Available

Used Subaru Models Available Near Indianapolis

Subaru has several different options available in its model lineup, and we frequently offer them at Joe’s Auto Sales!

Outback: The Subaru Outback is definitely the brand’s most popular model, and it is a frequent request from our customers! This station wagon offers ample room for all of your adventures, from camping to moving across the state! Models from 2016 offer a 73-cubic foot maximum cargo volume!

Crosstrek: As the smaller sibling of the Outback, the Crosstrek offers an estimated maximum cargo volume of 51 cubic feet. However, many drivers find the Crosstrek to be just the perfect size, especially when navigating through tight urban streets!

Impreza and Legacy: These are two of the sedans in the Subaru model lineup. The Impreza is a compact vehicle, while the Legacy is classified as a midsize model. Currently, both sedans come standard with all-wheel drive!

Forester: The Forester is currently the second best-selling Subaru model after the Outback. It is classified as a compact crossover, and offers a cargo volume that ranges between 31 and 74 cubic feet (2017 model)!

If you are interested in a used Subaru model from Joe’s Auto Sales, please check our inventory and give us a call!

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