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When you want to drive a vehicle that has American roots, a Ford model is one of your best choices! Ford is a member of “the Big Three” and its vehicles have consistently been favored by American drivers since the first Model T rolled off the assembly line in 1908. The auto manufacturer’s goal has always been affordability, and used Ford vehicles in Indianapolis, IN are even more affordable when purchased from Joe’s Auto Sales!

Each Ford vehicle that lands on the Joe’s Auto Sales lot is thoroughly inspected for safety before the “for sale” sticker is attached, and we only sell the best of the best! Joe’s Auto Sales is also a buy here, pay here dealershipwhere we are able to help you finance your used Ford vehicle no matter what your financial situation may be!

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Performance Technology Style
1 to 5L+ engines Infotainment systems available Sedans/Hatchbacks
EcoBoost engines available CD players available Sports Cars
Light, medium, and heavy towing Digital instrument cluster panels available Crossovers/SUVs
Various drivetrains available Heated seats available Pickup Trucks

Place Used Ford Models in Indianapolis, IN

Sedans like the subcompact Ford Fiesta, compact Ford Focus, midsize Ford Fusion, and full size Ford Taurus are perennial favorites for our customers due to comfort, easy driving, and top-notch fuel efficiency. With the exception of the Taurus, these models are also available in a hatchback format for additional utility and style!

The most famous Ford model is none other than the Mustang! This pony car possesses sporty styling thanks to its elongated hood, shortened rear, convertible or hardtop formatting, and a need for speed. The Mustang occasionally makes an appearance on our sales lot at an affordable price, so this American classic can be yours by frequently checking our inventory!

If you and your family are involved in lots of activities and love going on adventures, then an SUV is the right used Ford vehicle for you! Joe’s Auto Sales strives to keep a variety of options in stock, including the the midsize Ford Explorer, and full size Ford Expedition, along with the compact Ford Escape, midsize Ford Edge, and full size Ford Flex crossover models. No matter which Ford SUV you choose, you will enjoy extra room for passengers and cargo, along with plenty of power for towing. These models are also frequently available with all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive, both of which deliver extra power and traction so you can easily handle wet and snowy road conditions.

Finally, there are the mighty Ford trucks! These powerful machines are highly sought after by our customers who are looking for something that will help them complete all of their heavy-duty work. The full size F-150 consistently ranks as one of America’s best-selling vehicles, so you will definitely experience top-notch quality and power! Additionally, we will occasionally have the now-discontinued midsize Ford Ranger, which is perfect for the driver who loves pickup truck styling, but does not need a lot of power.

Check our inventory page frequently for our latest used Ford vehicle offerings, or give us a call at 317.243.2269 if you are looking for something in particular. You are also welcome to stop by our sales lot, located at 3250 West Washington Street, to see what we have in stock!

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