Used Chrysler Town & Country Indianapolis, IN

Are you looking for a vehicle that will fit all of your family members and gear, but would prefer not to invest all of your money in an overpriced brand new vehicle? We have the perfect solution! Used Chrysler Town & Country minivans frequently make their way to our sales lot in Indianapolis, waiting for their next family to take to school and extracurricular activities. This vehicle is the top-of-the-line model in the Chrysler/Dodge minivan segment and has been a customer favorite for a long time with its high-quality build, smooth ride, and ample cargo room.

Depending on the model year, there may be some engine variation, mostly ranging between 3.3L V6 and 3.8L V6. The latest model sports a 283 horsepower 3.6L V6 engine that can tow 3600 pounds and reach 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. If that is any indication, you and your family will be able to enjoy a powerful, yet fuel efficient efficient ride in the Chrysler Town & Country no matter what model year you choose!

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Performance Interior Technology Space
V6 Engine Sound System 7 Passenger Seating
3.3-3.8L Available Back Seat Air Conditioning Min. Cargo Volume of 33 Cubic Feet
Up to 283 Horsepower Entertainment Systems Available Max. Cargo Volume of 143 Cubic Feet
Up to 3600-Pound Towing Capacity Backup Camera Available Comfortable Plush Seating

Chrysler Town & Country Offers a Spacious and Luxurious Ride

Whether you have a big family or are the scout troop leader, the Chrysler Town & Country will be able to fit everyone, along with their gear! The 2016 edition of this minivan can seat a total of 7 passengers, plus 33 cubic feet of cargo volume. When all seats are folded down, the cargo space increases to 143 cubic feet. As the premium minivan of Chrysler/Dodge, you will definitely be able to find many luxuries that are not always available on used minivans, such as back seat air conditioning, top-notch sound systems, plush seating, and possibly entertainment systems and backup cameras.

To check out our current stock of Chrysler Town & Country minivans, feel free to stop by our sales lot at 3250 West Washington Street in downtown Indianapolis, or give us a call at 317.243.2269!

Front dash of used Chrysler Town & Country minivan
Front profile of used Chrysler Town & Country minivan
Interior of used Chrysler Town & Country minivan
Rear end of used Chrysler Town & Country minivan
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