What are the Most Popular Vehicles in Indiana?

By Product Expert | Posted in Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Just for Fun, Stories of Interest on Friday, October 28th, 2016 at 7:16 pm

Something that we always find fun to read are statistics and surveys about each of the 50 states and what makes them unique. We think that Indiana is one of the most interesting of the states thanks to its choice of steak (according to this article by Slate, it is the pork tenderloin—find out where you can find the best one in our Best Indianapolis Restaurants on a Budget blog post) and its favorite vehicles. The favorite vehicles of Indiana vary by resource, but we think they all ring true, and many of them are frequently available in our inventory!

Buick Encore is a popular vehicle in IndianaWhat Does Popular Mechanics Say?

According to an August 2015 article by one of our favorite magazines/websites, the Buick Encore is Indiana’s favorite vehicle. It makes sense since it is a stylish compact crossover that can be outfitted with all-wheel drive to make winter driving easier. We frequently have used Buick vehicles in stock, so be sure to check out our inventory!

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Favorite Vehicle by Time Zone

Over the summer, Car Gurus did a blog about which vehicles are favorites according to time zones. For the Eastern Time Zone, the listed favorite for the north was the Jeep Wrangler! We definitely feel that this is true as the Wrangler is regularly available in our inventory! The blog also claims that the southern portion of the Eastern Time Zone has a preference for the Honda Accord. Indiana is also part of the Central Time Zone, which prefers the Ford F-150 (northern portion) with the Chevy Silverado coming in at a very close second. Many other resources we read also had these two trucks listed as top sellers thoughout Indiana as well, though some placed the Silverado above the F-150. The Ford Mustang is favored by the southern half of the Central Time Zone. Here at Joe’s Auto Sales, we frequently have Chevy trucks and Ford vehicles available in our inventory!

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