5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Vehicle

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Monday, October 24th, 2016 at 8:32 pm
5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Vehicle

When you purchase a vehicle, you hope to get the most use out of it. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and there will come a day to replace the vehicle that you knew so fondly. So when is the best time to replace your vehicle? Well, there is no true right or wrong answer, but there are several signs that indicate that the time is now or very soon.

Young driver1: You Experience a Life Change

Did you just move to Indianapolis and now need a fuel-efficient vehicle to make the commute to your new job a little less expensive? Or did you just have a baby and need to upgrade from your compact sedan to a minivan (like the Chrysler Town & Country) or an SUV (such as the Chevy Trailblazer)? No matter what life throws at you, having the right vehicle will make things a lot easier. And when you shop at Joe’s Auto Sales, you are able to trade in order to make the change more affordable!

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2: You Want More Safety Features

All vehicles on the Joe’s Auto Sales lot have been thoroughly inspected to ensure safety. We also frequently have late-year models available, which oftentimes have the latest safety features (such as a tire pressure monitoring system). If you are interested in enjoying more safety options, now would be a great time to upgrade.

3: Your Vehicle Uses More Fuel Than It Used To

As vehicles get older, they oftentimes get a little thirstier. After checking out a couple of possible causes (like a dirty fuel injector) and the fuel economy is not restored, you may want to consider trading in for something a little more efficient. Our inventory is usually stocked with lots of fuel-efficient vehicles like Toyota!

4: Repairs are Becoming More Frequent

If your current vehicle seems to be breaking down every time you turn around and you experience severe anxiety whenever you get behind the wheel, come to Joe’s Auto Sales where our service department can help with repairs. Or if you are ready to trade up to something more reliable, check out our inventory!

5: Repairs Cost More Your Vehicle’s Value

Some repairs are relatively cheap, but others (like engine or transmission replacement) are notorious for being expensive. If the cost of repair is nearly equivalent or more than the value of your current vehicle, purchasing a different model would be the wiser choice.

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If you are ready to switch your current vehicle for a high-quality used model, stop by our dealership and check out our inventory! We are located at 3250 W Washington Street in Indianapolis! Looking for something in particular? Let us know by calling 317-243-2269!

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